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Ever wanted to become a Stage Hypnotist?

Ever wanted to know how Stage Hypnosis was done?

Ever wanted to become a better hypnotist?

Now is your opportunity to learn in two days, the tricks and the routines to become a Stage Hypnotist.

7th - 8th September 2013

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Stage Show September

Participants will perform in a private show, come and join the London NLP & Hypnosis Practice Group for this great, funny and entertaining evening. Details click here.

In this two days course, 7th 8th September 2013, to be held in Milan, Italy, you will learn :-

  • set-up

  • inductions

  • re-inductions

  • routines

  • regulations

  • music

  • stage management

  • plus more

This course will use Accelerated Learning techniques. On the first day, you will be taught the skills and tricks of a good Stage Hypnotist, with plenty of opportunity to practice what will be covered. We will continue until we finish, with lots of fun and relaxation.

On the second day, we will start early bringing together all we have learnt, so that in the afternoon we will present a show. Should you so wish, in front of others, to show your skills and to hone your techniques.

A previous course held in September 2003, was filmed by ZigZag TV Productions for Channel 4, screened in November 2003 and subsequently on Discovery Channel, with the title The Darker Side of Stage Hypnosis. See details of the course, comments and pictures by clicking here.

Contact NLPNOW, for this unique opportunity to learn new skills with adventure and potential for your future.

CALL Phillip Holt NOW on 08451306213 or 020 8816 7962 for further details.


EMAIL holt@c4stagehypnosis.com click on email to send


Phillip Holt is a Board Registered Member of the National Guild of Hypnotists

and a Certified Trainer

In the past it has been Phillip Holt's privilege to co-promote and facilitate special Stage Hypnosis Seminars with some of the world's best known Stage Hypnotists.

Ormond McGill (The Dean of Stage Hypnosis) and Jerry Valley


On the Sunday evening 17th September 2006, at 7:30pm, London, we held a Private Stage Hypnosis Show, where members of the London NLP & Practice Group (join here) joined us to watch and participate with the participants of the course, actually performed a wonderful show, with lots of laughs and fun. Those that have attended previous shows, really enjoyed themselves. Click here for comments.

Please send your comments to Phillip Holt NLPNOW. This document was updated 22/6/2013.

All photographs were taken by Phillip Holt, and ownership belongs to him who retains copyright Reproduction is strictly forbidden without the prior written approval of Phillip Holt. 2013